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June 19, 2022

NIME 2022 at the Augmented Instruments Lab

The Augmented Instruments Lab invite you to view NIME 2022 (28 June to 1 July) onsite with us at QMUL. As the conference is entirely virtual this year, we will be hosting colleagues and researchers for viewing, discussion, demos, and general in-person interaction during the conference period. The NIME programme runs from 12pm-12am (BST) each day. This a casual, free gathering open to anyone registered for the NIME conference. Please email us for details if you would like to attend.

As a lab we are thrilled to be presenting 6 papers (all available here):

  • The M in NIME: Motivic analysis and the case for a musicology of NIME performances (Lia Mice and Andrew McPherson)
  • Quantitative evaluation of aspects of embodiment in new digital musical instruments (Andrea Guidi and Andrew McPherson)
  • Dialogic Design of Accessible Digital Musical Instruments: Investigating Performer Experience (Eevee Zayas-Garin and Andrew McPherson)
  • Exploring Experiences with New Musical Instruments through Micro-phenomenology (Courtney Reed, Charlotte Nordmoen, Andrea Martelloni, Giacomo Lepri, Nicole Robson, Eevee Zayas-Garin, Kelsey Cotton, Lia Mice and Andrew McPherson)
  • The 10,000 Instruments Workshop - (Im)practical Research for Critical Speculation (Giacomo Lepri, John Bowers, Samantha Topley, Paul Stapleton, Peter Bennett, Kristina Andersen and Andrew McPherson)
  • Being With The Waves: An Ultrasonic Art Installation Enabling Rich Interaction Without Sensors (Nicole Robson, Andrew McPherson and Nick Bryan-Kinns)

Lab member Teresa Pelinski is leading the online workshop Embedded AI for NIME: Challenges and Opportunities which will be held on 28 June. (Full organiser team: Teresa Pelinski, Victor Shepardson, Steve Symons, Franco S. Caspe, Adan L. Benito Temprano, Jack Armitage, Chris Kiefer, Rebecca Fiebrink, Thor Magnusson, and Andrew McPherson)

We are looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues at NIME, either in person or online!