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The Augmented Instruments Laboratory is part of the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary University of London. Founded in 2011, the lab is led by Andrew McPherson and includes members and collaborators from across C4DM, including PhD students on the QMUL Media and Arts Technology programme.

The lab has received funding from EPSRC, AHRC, the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and Queen Mary Innovation. In addition to its research and performance activities, it has launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns leading to spinout companies: TouchKeys (Kickstarter; website) and Bela (Kickstarter; website).


Dr Andrew McPherson

Reader (Associate Professor) in Digital Media; EPSRC Early Career Fellow 2016-2020

Education: S.B. Music, S.B. Electrical Engineering, MIT; M.Eng. Electrical Engineering, MIT; Ph.D. Music Composition, U. Penn. 2009; Postdoc Drexel University MET-lab 2009-2011
Interests: Composition, actuated instruments, viola, piano, embedded audio systems

Dr Robert Jack

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Education: M.A.(hons) Applied Mathematics and Music, University of Glasgow; MMus Studio Composition, Goldsmiths, University of London.
Interests: Touch and musical instrument design, cross-modal perception, non-visual interfaces, sensorimotor feedback, haptics, percussion, strings and live electronics.

Dr Giulio Moro

PhD student (2015-2019, co-supervised with Mark Sandler), Research Assistant (2017, 2019-2020)

Education: Bachelors in sound recording (Conservatory of Padua), MSc in Digital Music Processing (QMUL), PhD in Electronic Engineering (QMUL)
Interests: Touch on keyboard instruments, low latency audio and sensors, embedded devices, why-do-people-think-analog-is-better.

Jack Armitage

PhD student (2016-present)

Education: BSc Music, Multimedia & Electronics, University of Leeds
Interests: Musical instruments, composition systems, cognitive science, (post) human-computer interaction

Dr Jacob Harrison

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Education: BSc Music Technology, University of York; MSc by Research Electronic Engineering, University of York Audio Lab; PhD in Media and Arts Technology
Interests: Interface and instrument design, accessible music technology

Giacomo Lepri

PhD student (2017-present)

Education: BMus Electronic Music, Conservatorio N. Paganini - Genoa; MMus by Research "Instruments & Interfaces", Institute of Sonology - STEIM (Royal Conservatoire in The Hague)
Interests: Instruments design, media archaeology, cultural factors in music technology development, audio-visual interactive installtions, electroacoustic composition and improvisation

Lia Mice

PhD student (2018-present)

Education: MMus in Creative Practice - Goldsmiths University of London
Interests: large instruments, instruments design, live performance and composition with digital musical instruments

Andrea Guidi

PhD student (2018-present)

Education: BSc Science & Technology of Musical Communication, University of Milan - Milan; MMus Electronic Music & Sound Technology, G.Verdi Conservatory of Music - Milan
Interests: new interfaces for musical expression, interactive art, augmented instruments

Charlotte Nordmoen

PhD student (2018-present)

Education: Ba(Hons) Costume for the Performing Arts, London College of Fashion; MA Material Futures, Central Saint Martins
Interests: materiality, tacit knowledge, embodiment, digital fabrication, craft practice

Courtney Nicole Reed

PhD student (2019-present)

Education: BMus Electronic Production & Design, Berklee College of Music; MSc Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London
Interests: Singing voice and vocal physiology, embodiment, intention and adaptation in performance, biosignals, expressive interfaces

Nicole Suzanne Robson

PhD student (2019-present)

Education: BMus Music, King's College London, MMus Sonic Arts, Goldsmiths University of London
Interests: Sound art, aural architecture, perception, engagement, composition

Adan L. Benito

PhD student (2019-present)

Education: Telecommunications Engineer - MSc Radio Communications (University of Cantabria), MSc Sound and Music Computing (Queen Mary University of London)
Interests: instrument design, guitar making, end-to-end audio transformations, expressive control of sound synthesis, embedded audio

Luis Zayas

PhD student (2020-present)

Education: BSc Engineering Product Design, London South Bank University
Interests: disability, musical instrument design

Lewis Wolstanholme

PhD student (2020-present)

Education: BMus Music, Goldsmiths University of London & MMus Composition Goldsmiths University of London
Interests: Physical modelling synthesis & deep learning


Dr Laurel Pardue

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Interface & instrument design, prototyping, expressive performance, instrument learning, violin, viola, Balinese gamelan.

Dr Fabio Morreale

Postdoctoral Research Assistan 2015-2018

Fabio was a postdoctoral research assistant focusing on musical interface design and evaluation within the scopes of generative art and philosophy of technology. Fabio is currently Lecturer and Coordinator of Music Technology at the School of Music of the University of Auckland.

Dr Kurijn Buys

Postdoctoral Research Assistant 2016-2018

Kurijn was a postdoctoral research assistant focusing on acoustic/electronic/digital instrument development, in particular he developed techniques for violin performace analysis based on sound source separation through electrodynamic pickups.

Dr Victor Zappi

Postdoctoral Researcher, 2013-14

Victor was a postdoc on the Hackable Instruments project, 2013-14. He now holds a Marie Curie Fellowship at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Genova) and the University of British Columbia. Victor is the co-creator of the D-Box hackable instrument.

Dr Duncan Menzies

PhD student, 2011-15

Duncan was a PhD student at the Augmented Instruments Lab between 2011-2015. During this time he developed a digital bagpipe chanter hardware and software system to assist in the process of teaching and learning the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Dr Chris Heinrichs

PhD student, 2012-17

Chris was a PhD student at the Augmented Instruments Lab from 2012-2017. His research focused on procedural audio and digital foley. He is now working as a sound designer in Malta.

Dr Astrid Bin

PhD student, 2014-2017

Astrid was a PhD student in the Augmented Instruments Lab from 2014-17, where her research focused on the audience perception of error in DMI performance. After a postdoc in the Center for Music Technology and Expressive Machinery Lab at Georgia Tech she is now a Music Technology Researcher at Ableton in Berlin.

Dr Liam Donovan

PhD student 2013-18; RAEng Enterprise Fellow 2018-19

Liam was a PhD student in the Augmented Instruments Lab from 2013-18, where he developed new techniques for vibration control of stringed musical instruments. During his PhD and a subsequent fellowship, he also contributed to the Bela low-latency audio platform.




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