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May 12, 2017

NIME 2017

The Augmented Instruments Lab are excited to be attending the New Instruments for Musical Expression Conference 2017 at Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark. The program can be viewed here.

Monday 15 May

  • Morning: NIMEcraft Workshop: Exploring the Subtleties of Digital Lutherie. Andrew McPherson, Jack Armitage, Astrid Bin, Fabio Morreale, Robert Jack, Jacob Harrison.
  • Afternoon: Skill Learning and Interactive Music Technology. Andrew McPherson.

Wednesday 17 May

  • Papers 6: Design for Longevity: Ongoing Use of Instruments from NIME 2010-14. Fabio Morreale, Andrew McPherson
  • Demos 2: An Adapted Bass Guitar for One-Handed playing. Jacob Harrison.

Thursday 18 May

  • Posters 3: “The finer the musician, the smaller the details”: NIMEcraft under the microscope. Jack Armitage, Fabio Morreale, Andrew McPherson

Friday 19 May

  • Unconference. Bela Embedded Instruments Workshop.