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May 25, 2018

NIME 2018

The Augmented Instruments Lab will be at NIME 2018! This year we will participate with a great variety of contributions: workshops, paper and poster presentations and music performances! See you at the New Instruments for Musical Expression Conference 2018, Blacksburg, Virginia Tech & University of Virginia, USA.

Sunday 3 June
  • Workshop: Making Embedded Instruments with Bela by Augmented Instruments Laboratory
  • Workshop: Gender Diversity at NIME by S. M. Astrid Bin, S. Schoemann & A. Weisling
  • Workshop: Re-Engaging the Body and Gesture in Live Coding by S. Salazar and J. Armitage
  • Music performance: Language Embodiment ¿? by E. Betancur & J. Armitage
Monday 4 June
  • Poster: Risky business: Disfluency as a design strategy by S. M. Astrid Bin, Nick Bryan-Kinns & Andrew P. McPherson
Tuesday 5 June
  • Paper: NIME Identity from the Performer’s Perspective by Fabio Morreale, Andrew P. McPherson & Marcelo Wanderley
  • Paper: Crafting Digital Musical Instruments: An Exploratory Workshop Study by Jack Armitage & Andrew P. McPherson
  • Paper: Democratising DMIs: the Relationship of Expertise and Control Intimacy by Robert H Jack, Jacob Harrison, Fabio Morreale & Andrew P. McPherson
  • Paper: When is a Guitar not a Guitar? Cultural Form, Input Modality and Expertise by Jacob Harrison, Robert H Jack, Fabio Morreale & Andrew P. McPherson
Wednesday 6 June
  • Poster: Do We Speak Sensor? Cultural Constraints of Embodied Interaction by Jon Pigrem & Andrew P. McPherson
  • Poster: Performance Systems for Live Coders and Non-Coders by A. Sarwate, R. Rose, J. Armitage and J. Freeman.
  • Paper: Mirroring the past, from typewriting to interactive art: an approach to the re-design of a vintage technology by Giacomo Lepri & Andrew P. McPherson