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June 01, 2019


We have being very active disseminating our work! This summer the Augmented Instruments Lab presented various papers at some of the most exiting HCI and SMC conferences: CHI Glasgow - UK, NIME Porto Alegre - Brazil, DIS San Diego - California and ICMC New York City - New York.

For the updated list of our publications please visit the publications page. Here some of the titles we put forward:

  • BEST PAPER AWARD - Separating Sound from Source: Sonic Transformation of the Violin Through Electrodynamic Pickups and Acoustic Actuation co-authored by Laurel Pardue, Kurijn Buys Andrew P. McPherson
  • MagpicK: an Augmented Guitar Pick for Nuanced Control by Fabio Morreale, Andrea Guidi and Andrew P. McPherson
  • Fictional Instruments, Real Values: Discovering Musical Backgrounds with Non-Functional Prototypes by Giacomo Lepri and Andrew P. McPherson
  • We also showcased the interactive sonic sculpture Chowndolo by Giacomo Lepri and Alessia Milo
  • Making sense of sensors: discovery through craft practice with an open-ended sensor material by Charlotte Nordmoen, Jack Armitage, Fabio Morreale, Rebecca Stewart and Andrew P. McPherson
  • Making Up Instruments: Design Fiction for Value Discovery in Communities of Musical Practice by Giacomo Lepri and Andrew P. McPherson
  • Exploring Participatory Sound Art co-authored by Giacomo Lepri and Fabio Morreale