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November 27, 2019

Augmented Instruments Laboratory Concert

Another great concert featuring some shocking music, interactive installations and demos from the Augmented Instruments Lab!

The concert programme featured two special guests:

Kuljit Bhamra - composer and musician currently collaborating with some of Lab members.

Jonathan Reus - artist in residence at the Lab working on an augmented banjo based on some of the most recent technologies developed at the Lab.

More details here !!

Live performances by:
  • KULJIT BHAMRA + LAUREL S. PARDUE + JACK ARMITAGE (Lil Data) – Svampolin + Electronic Tabla + Live Coding

  • JONATHAN REUS – Augmented Appalachian Mountain Banjo

  • GIACOMO LEPRI + NICOLE ROBSON – Chowndolo duet

  • GIULIO MORO – Quadrophonic guitar drone + tape

Installations by:
  • LIA MICE – Instrument Sematary

  • NICOLE ROBSON – Rhythm of the Heart

  • ANDREA GUIDI – Data Dreaming